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Empowerment for Sex Workers

A sex worker is an individual who gives sex work, usually on a regular or occasional basis, to customers. The word is often used in relation to those that work in all parts of the sex industry, including stripping, pornography, adult webcams, massage parlors, and escort services. The word sex worker almost always conjures up images of disgusting, often illegal, labor conditions, and the exploitation of minors, particularly young girls. However, this image is often distorted due to the attitudes and laws that protect some forms of sexual work. In many places, sex work is legal and regulated.

The portrayal of sex workers on TV shows like the Sopranos and The Wire highlight the negative aspects of the industry. These shows, and similar programs, glamorize criminals who prey upon vulnerable people. They romanticize the lifestyle and glamorization of brothels and pornography. This may seem harmless to some, but to others this glorification of criminal activity can be misused to promote the sex industry and its industries. There is nothing pornographic or improper about sex work; however, certain television shows glamorize it in a way that normalizes it.

TV Shows and Movies Portray In Negative Light

Because of these TV shows, many people believe that sex workers are either dirty, bad people, or lazy. Many argue that sex workers do not want to build any relationships, so they choose to sell sex rather than pursuing a relationship. However, these same people forget that many sex workers actually desire relationships and find meaningful love in the workplace. High class escorts from reputable agencies participate willingly and are typically smart business people. This is why it is important to support these workers financially, mentally, and emotionally while they build a career.

The stigma associated with sex workers usually come from people that inflict their values on others. Without growing up in the same circumstances as countries that permit prostitution, like Thailand, Germany, Philippines, and others, it’s hard to believe the nay sayers have a point. In reality, local jurisdictions are empowered to decide what is best for their constituency. If legalized escorts services is what they want, great. If not, those that disagree should stick to church or free live fuck shows found on webcam platforms.